Oh My Gosh, Not Another One!

Have I told you I have practically a whole home gym set up in my kitchen made from all the exercise equipment I’ve gathered over the years? Have I told you about the great Pilates program I bought that I’ve never seen the videos for, or taken the bands out of their original wrappers? Of course all this stuff works just like they say it does on TV. Problem is you have to use it! Unfortunately there is always one reason or another for not using my exercise equipment.

  1. I don’t have a routine to follow
  2. I don’t have the room
  3. I don’t have a VHS/DVD hooked up to the TV in the kitchen for routines

And the list of excuses goes on and on. I found the site “From Couch to 5k” which is a great way to start walking/jogging. Easy start for a sedentary person like me. I’ve done it twice since finding the site right after the AIDS WALK and I was so sore I couldn’t lift my feet. Haven’t been back since.

But now I think I’ve found my magic “exercise” bullet. I have known about Kettlebells for sometime now, but was not that impressed. They didn’t seem much better than “freeweights” and they can be pretty expensive. The other day while skipping thru channels, I fell upon an infomercial for Michelle Khai and “Kettlnetics“. It looks so fluid, fun and possible, I almost bit. “But wait, there’s more. We’ll pay your first pmt of $29.95 making all this available to you if you call right now (credit card in hand) for just 2 pmts. of $29.95 each.”

They almost had me. It looked like an exercise I might finally stick with and do. I caught myself just in time. Looking at the clips of her routine I got to thinking. I should be able to do that with my “freeweights” and try it out before spending one more dime on exercise stuff I don’t use. I still have to come up with some music (currently on CMT) and make up a routine, but I have the basics down I think. I’ll let you know if it works. God knows I need to do something to get this body going. Diet alone just isn’t cutting it!

UPDATE: I thought I would put up a picture of my weights so you can see why I thought I might be able to do this. They are really pretty easy to handle.

Starting at 1 pound
Starting at 1 poundHighest weight only 5 lbs.


2 Responses

  1. I think a ligitimate reason for the kettlebell fad is the way the weights and the handle complement each other. I think I’d hurt yourself doing some of those swinging, overhead motions with regular gym freeweights.

  2. Hi Glinda. Thank you for stopping by. I think the kettlebells are probably great, I just know how bad I am about using exercise equipment after I buy it. LOL. I put up pics of my weights. As you can see by the shape/type they are, that I think I could get pretty close with these before I put out the money on the real thing.

    Please stop by anytime.

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