Reality 101 and a KickStart To My Exercise

Am I the only one who feels 18 years old on the inside while being old on the outside? Or am I the only one dumb enough to act on it? LOL.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Aids walk was in San Francisco yesterday. My oldest daughter Tania has raised donations and walked in it for the last 11 yrs. Trust me, raising money for this still very controversial issue is not easy. (It’s not too late to donate )

Every year she usually manages to get someone to walk with her. I forgot all about it being yesterday and when she called yesterday morning I could tell she was calling from the car, but I thought she was on her way to work. She mentioned the Aids Walk and that she was walking alone. I very stupidly say “Why didn’t you tell me? I tell you every year I would walk with you.”

Next thing I hear is “Great. I’m only in Salinas right now. I’ll swing by and pick you up!” I could not get out the excuses fast enough. Next thing I know she’s here.

Now, I have not been working in the bar or getting any other kind of exercise for over a year (which explains why my ass has grown to twice it’s normal size) and I think I am going to go walk this 10k’er. (Six miles). I must have either still been high from the couple of glasses of wine the night before or traveling under the terrible misconception that I was still in decent shape. LOL.

I made it 4 miles. I might have made it the whole six, but Tania led me to believe we only had  about a mile to go when the sideline cheerleaders hollared out there was still 2.2. That was it. My feet and legs rebelled and would not move another inch until there was a shuttlebus in sight. Thank God they have those for those of us who would otherwise have to be carried out of Golden Gate Park. By the time I was home for an hour, I could not hardly move. You would have thought I was 190. Talk about a reality check. I didn’t have any business doing a “k” anything!

So, in preparation for next year, today is kicking off my “couch to 5k exercise program”. It’s a great training program online for the San Jose 5k they have in October. As long as I got a kick start yesterday, I might as well keep it up. After all, at least I lived long enough to talk about it! (wasn’t expected. LOL)


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  1. Awwww…you did great and for a good cause!

    “Am I the only one who feels 18 years old on the inside while being old on the outside?”

    I can totally relate. I can go along all day feeling like I’m 20-somthing. Then either something hurts, or I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and WOW…REALITY CHECK…I aint 20-something any more, sister!

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  3. I walked around the block today to try and loosen up. I felt like each leg weighed 100lbs. each. LOL.

    I try to avoid mirrors.HaHa.

  4. You inspired me, Ladybeams. I went for a walk last night – only about 1 1/2 miles, but it was a start. No soreness yet, but my guess is thaat after sitting here at work at my desk all day, I might not be able to stand up when it’s time to leave and go home!

    Avoiding mirrors sounds like a good plan. 🙂

  5. Good for you Nothing Fancy. I think 1 1/2 miles is a great start! I walked the day after the Aids Walk and couldn’t even pick up my feet. LOL. I really should have waited a day and let my muscles repair themselves. Back to walking now tho. I think I’ll just start out with a quarter mile and work up from there. LOL

  6. is a calorie counting website that lets you track your workouts, activities, diet and weight, and has a large community of fitness minded members.

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