Be Careful What You Wish For…

I hope everybody had a pleasant 4th and didn’t have too much trouble sticking to whatever eating program you’re on. My new thing is I came upon a “subliminal programming” tape I’ve had for forever. It’s very interesting because it changes my self talk. I know this kind of thing works as years ago when my mother and I would go shopping, if I walked too close to a candy store or donut shop etc., she used to say “fat, fat, fat”.

It got where I would hear her in my head even when she was no where around. The problem is that thru the years, that voice has turned into barely a whisper. I turn the tape on in the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner. It lasts about 15 min. a side, and I can already tell it’s taking affect. When I walk into the bakery at the grocery store, I hear “I only like health giving foods. I eat only fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and whole grains. I abhor junk food. I turn away sugary and salty snacks.”  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now for a little fun item for today. The other day I was blogging and mentioned how what I needed was a pasta diet. Like I said “be careful what you wish for”. This is what I found in my email box this morning.


1.. You walka pasta da bakery.

2.. You walka pasta da candy store.

3.. You walka pasta da Ice Cream shop.

4… You walka pasta da table and fridge.

You will lose weight!


For those of you who watch what you eat,

here’s the final word on nutrition and health.   

It’s a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting

nutritional studies.

1.  The Japanese eat very little fat

and suffer fewer heart attacks than


2.  The Mexicans eat a lot of fat

and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

3.  The Chinese drink very little red wine

and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

4.  The Italians drink a lot of red wine

and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.

5.  The Germans drink a lot of beers and eat lots of sausages and fats

and suffer fewer heart attacks than Americans.


Eat and drink what you like.   

Speaking English is apparently what kills you.


4 Responses

  1. LOL Thanks for the good laugh!

    My mother used to tell me…”If you don’t watch your figure, no one else will either.”

    Sad, but true!

  2. Great jokes! I love them!

    Glad you’re doing something about self-talk. I’ve found that can make or break you. I’ve been journalling tidbits about self-talk myself.

    Best wishes. Keep it up.

  3. Brilliant Post!


  4. Glad you enjoyed, nothingfancy. I love how our mothers have all those great sayings. Mine used to say “if you don’t sit beside him at the bar, someone else will”. Almost made me an alcoholic! LOL.

    Anya May and Joe Average- Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad you got a kick out of the post and thanks for the encouragement about the self talk, Joe Average. From the looks of how much weight you’ve lost, you must be pretty good at it!

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