Another “Miracle Drug”…

I don’t know how familiar you are with “Alli”, the wonder drug for dieters that came out a year or two ago? Everyone was so excited for this drug to hit the shelves. Then came the stories of anal leakage, etc. It still boiled down to watching what you ate and exercise. When you look at the stats on how much Alli really helped people lose, they’re really not very impressive. I can lose more faster using the herbal supplements I have and not put up with bad side effects.

This morning I read about a new drug trying to make it’s way into the US. Not only is it supposed to be another “Weightloss Miracle” drug, but also a smoking cessation drug that keeps you from gaining weight when you quit. The name of the drug is “Rimonabant”. The manufacturer who currently sells the drug in the UK applied to the FDA a couple of years ago, but the FDA said their studies of the side effects of this drug were inconclusive. When they couldn’t make it into the US as a weightloss drug, they tried as a smoking cessation drug. Thank God that didn’t work either.

Now in the UK it comes out that they are having a second look at Rimonabant. It appears that not only does it raise lipids (cholesterol and  triglyceride levels), but it turns out it causes deep depression and is being linked to suicide in its users. And, the bottom line is, you still have to watch your diet and exercise! The depression affects 1 in 10 patients. That’s pretty often. In fact depression was great enough in a number of participants, they dropped out of the study.

What is super scary to me is if you google “rimonabant” you get a ton of ads to buy it without a prescription online under it’s generic name Acomplia. They’re saying it’s the safest weightloss wonder pill. No doctor, no supervision. The one site I went to says you can read what people have to say about it, but they have the comments turned off and just a bunch of entries trying to sell it.

I, as much as anyone else, would love to have a magic pill to take the weight off. Get real My Dears. It’s not here yet and trust me, “Big Pharma” doesn’t give a damn about who they hurt on their way to the big bucks they earn from someone’s misery. What ever you decide to do besides changing to a healthier lifestyle, make sure you do your research and get all the facts. Many times I have asked the question “Why would I want to take a cure that is worse than the disease?”



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  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. How terrible! I hat those drug companies. They only want the cash — no morals here. And to think that they can get away with selling it on-line like that. Eek. I shudder to think of the teenage girls that might resort to that…

  3. writinggb- I know. I couldn’t believe it either! It’s so scary there isn’t some great way to educate more people.

    Chris- Thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to spending some time on your site. Looks like you have a lot of great stuff on marketing, etc.

  4. Cat (CT) scans of adipose patients advised with Acomplia (rimonabant) accept accepted for the aboriginal time that the diet biologic decidedly reduces the alarming blazon of belly blubber that generally leads to blazon 2 diabetes, according to researchers.

    In a late-breaking address presented at the anniversary affair of the European Atherosclerosis Society in Istanbul, the advisers said cat scans showed that rimonabant analysis for a year resulted in decidedly greater reductions in belly fat than a placebo and aswell helped abate the blubbery alarmist index.

    The after-effects came from the ADAGIO-LIPIDS analytic trial, a abstraction conducted in 799 patients with belly blubber and with the top triglyceride – low HDL-cholesterol dyslipidemia. Dyslipidemia is a action that contributes to the development of atherosclerosis (commonly alleged hardening of the arteries).

    The purpose of the study, according to advance researcher Dr Jean-Pierre Després of Université Laval in Quebec City, was to actuate the aftereffect of rimonabant on HDL (good) cholesterol and triglyceride levels and on the cardiometabolic contour of overweight/obese patients with dyslipidemia.

    Patients advised for a year with rimonabant, Després reported, saw their HDL cholesterol added by an boilerplate 9.7% while triglycerides were bargain 15.5%. Blood burden was bargain 3.3 mm Hg, and deepening levels abstinent by C-reactive protein (CRP) were aswell reduced.

    But for the aboriginal time in a rimonabant trial, patients were aswell accustomed cat scans to admeasurement how abundant subcutaneous and belly fat was absent on rimonabant as able-bodied as to actuate whether rimonabant could abate alarmist fat.

    “Although we had affirmation from the appearance III studies conducted with rimonabant that (the drug) could abet a abridgement in waist ambit (a awkward brand of belly fat) and advance several appearance of the metabolic syndrome, no abstraction had anytime quantified the aftereffect of this biologic on belly adiposity and alarmist fat,” Després said.

    The advisers appear that rimonabant analysis for a year bargain belly adipose tissue by an boilerplate 10.1%, which was greater than the 5.1 percent accident of subcutaneous fat, and produced a “significant: abatement in the blubbery alarmist index.

    “Results of ADAGIO-LIPIDS accommodate abutment to the angle that patients with belly blubber who are generally either dyslipidemic or with blazon 2 diabetes (or both) represent a accordant subpopulation of overweight/obese patients who would decidedly account from rimonabant therapy,” the advisers concluded.

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