A Tip On How To Manage Cravings…

Yesterday while watching “The View” (I don’t really watch. I have it on while I’m working) a guest of theirs was a guy who specializes in tea. It caught my attention because he was calling what he was talking about “The Tea Diet”. At first I thought “yeah, yeah”, but he started talking about teas and was actually saying some things I hadn’t known.

He says all tea is tea. It’s supposedly just a matter of processing what color it is. White tea is the least processed with the least caffeine, then green, etc.  That in itself was interesting to me, because I thought all those teas came from different plants.

Here’s the good part. He had flavored teas on the show that were named “Candy Bar” “Chocolate Chip Cookie” etc. The girls were going along behind him tasting them and actually gave good reactions. What he was saying was

  1. Drink tea instead of coffee in the morning for added benefits (I’ve tried this one. Can’t do it).
  2. When you have a craving for a candy bar or a cookie, reach for the flavored tea instead.

You’re getting the taste you’re craving without the calories plus the added benefit of all the antioxidants that are so good for you. I think this is a great idea, and I can see how this could work. I know I have switched to diet green tea with ginseng and it is sweet, which for me has taken some getting used to. I drink my tea and coffee both without any sweetener at all.

My problem with this would be my need to actually chew. They say that gum can cure that, but I’m not sure I would want to chew gum while I’m drinking a flavored tea. Sometimes I just feel the need to “pick”. I usually keep a portion of honeynut cheerios or something like that handy so I don’t chomp on chips or something like that.

I’m thinking I might try a couple of these teas and see just how good of an idea it is. Maybe if I’m getting the flavor, I won’t need to have something chewy. If it works, it could be very beneficial. I’ll have to let you know after my “experiment”.


5 Responses

  1. Hi
    I’m the founder of a tea blog tching.com
    Please check us out for lots of information about tea. Glad you’ve gotten turned on to this ancient beverage – which I believe is the healthiest beverage on the planet.


  2. I’ve never even heard of these flavored teas. I MUST give them a try. I do agree with you, that I’d really miss the chewing and thus the tea could never replace a delicious chocolate chip cookie for me. Worth a try though. Let us know how you like them and how they work for you!

  3. Ladybeams – I just tagged you for a meme. See my June 16th post. Hope you don’t mind playing along!

  4. Tea gives us more liquid and that can be filling, too. But I find the caffeine problematic depending on kind of tea and time of day.

    I HAVE found the gum thing works for me in the afternoon.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts on these teas. Appreciate the input. I took a look at your blog and found a lot of interesting info, but didn’t see anything regarding flavors like this. Is this something you guys deal with?
    Left you a comment on the article about Teas and Teen Obesity.

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