The Missing Link…

The health article that caught my attention today was from issue 2658 of New Scientist magazine, 29 May 2008, page 12. It was all about how “thoughts of death make us eat cookies.” I’m serious. There is a study about how people who wrote essays on death vs. dentists ate more cookies and had lower self-esteem. “The authors believe people with low self-esteem use consuming as a way of subconsciously escaping self-awareness, which is heightened by thoughts of dying.”

I found this fascinating in the way that I always thought thoughts of dying would help you control your eating and make you exercise. You want to have a healthier lifestyle. You want to live longer. Instead, they are saying that eating is a possible mechanism for dealing with “death anxiety”.

I would say that my self-esteem probably isn’t what it should be, especially since I’m home so much more now and socialize so much less. Also the fact that I have gained a lot of weight hasn’t exactly lifted my self-esteem to new heights. I also worry a lot about dying (before I’m ready) because I know I don’t lead a healthy lifestyle. It seems to me, the fear of dying too soon would cause you to quit eating cookies instead of making you eat worse.

Maybe it’s time for yet another “paradigm shift”!


2 Responses

  1. That’s really interesting. After my grandma died, I ate myself silly. I wonder if that was related to what the article was describing…? Anyway, I hear ya on the self-esteem thing. What is the way out…??

  2. Hi writinggb!
    I personally think getting out and being with other people is a big help. Whether it’s volunteering, or like your trip to Peru, or even just remembering to take time to socialize with friends. It’s really easy to slip backwards in our world where it’s all family and the banging on the keys of the computer. Bartending isn’t the most glamorous job in the
    world, but when I took over the bar and started seeing people again, it did a world of good for my ego and self-confidence.

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