A Fun One For Today

Guess what I ran across this morning? A casting call site for more Reality TV shows. I guess after the success of the “Biggest Loser”, they have decided there’s money to be made on the obese.

The first one is for one of my favorites. They are now casting for “How To Look Good Naked”.  I thought this was a terrific show. For once it wasn’t a reality show where people tear each other apart or backstab each other to death. Many of us who struggle with weight, have self esteem and body image issues. According to Dr. Phil (who I heard his wife walked out on him), these issues should have nothing to do with your weight. I for one cannot see how they would not be intertwined. My self esteem definitley rises as my weight goes down.

The second casting call that got my attention was for a new Reality TV show about pretty women who have always wanted to be a model, but their weight has prevented them from making it. They are looking for women 18-25 yrs. old, 5’7″ or taller, who are willing to lose weight (obviously on national television) and go on to become a model and win $100,000.00. The show is supposed to be a 3 month bootcamp-like show that has the potential to transform you into a healthy, self-confident, high profile fashion model!

If anyone is interested, the descriptions and applications etc can be found at

http://www.realitywanted.com  Good luck to you.

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  1. “I for one cannot see how they would not be intertwined. My self esteem definitley rises as my weight goes down.”

    They *can* be intertwined, but that depends on what one values in the deepest part of one’s soul. For me it’s not the number on the scale, but seeing motion towards “fitness”. The fact that I’m heading in the right direction, consistently over time, touches a part of me that confirms that I *can* accomplish what I set out to do; that I do have control over my fitness.

    I don’t know if you’d call that “intertwined”, but the scale is a convenient means of measurement.

    …I’m passing on the TV thing, not that I’d qualify for the “pretty woman” part in the first place. 🙂

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