Lean Cuisine Sucks

Not all of them, but the one with whole wheat pasta & proscuitto does. Of course this is just my opinion. Tonite I fixed it as a side dish (6pts. by itself) to go with my shrimp. It was probably the most blah stuff I have put in mouth in a long time. It didn’t even have enough flavor to call it bad or good. Just blah. So unless you like a really bland diet, while it sounds good, whole wheat pasta, etc. save your money on this one.

A little off topic. My son has spent the last couple of days visiting a friend who, at 20 yrs. old needs a liver transplant. He’s only 20 yrs. old. Why does he need a transplant? TYLENOL.  To me, it’s flat frigging amazing how dangerous this drug is, and it’s still widely accessable.

  1. 1) Over 70,000 cases of liver failure a year reported due to acetametaphin.
  2. 2) Suicide attempts outnumber accidental overdoses.
  3. 3) A good percentage of accidental overdoses are children. Doses should be given based on weight, not age. When based on weight, most adults can’t do the math to get it right.
  4. The max dose is 8 extra strenght pills in a 24 hour period. It has caused liver failure at half that dose.

If you have a child under 18, Tylenol is the best answer to fever and flu vs. aspirin which can cause Reyes disease, but if you have children older than that, and especially if they drink, warn them against Tylenol. Have them take aspirin, and make sure they know they should not take aspirin on an empty stomach. (internal bleeding).



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