Okay, So I lack Stick-To-It-Ivness

Since I started this da** blog back in Sept. with so much motivation and hope for a skinnier future, I have started and started over more dieting and exercising, etc. and I just have not been good about keeping up with any of it. And now I haven’t even been good about posting here, because I haven’t been good enough doing the other stuff that I have anything worth posting. I have not been utilizing WeightWatchers nearly enough, even tho I pay for meetings and online every month. I find the website motivating which is even more reason why I should visit more often. I also love this website called SparkPeople. It too is very motivating in combination with WeightWatchers and is also an excellent tool. It’s Spring now, and I want to do more things and be outside more. By now I should have reached my goal or been darn close. So as of today…

  1. I am journaling EVERYTHING I put in my mouth (which in itself ticks me off because it keeps me honest)
  2. I will quit stressing over the fact that I’m not doing an exercise routine, but will make myself do something physical every day. Today I am going to be pulling weeds etc. out in the yard. I haven’t gardened for years.
  3. Every morning I will start out with the message boards at WW and Sparkpeople to help set me up for the day.

That seems easy enough and enough steps for now. I am taking a page from LadyShanny’s book and going to start with photo’s for my journey. I also have one photo that I will post to keep my frightfully aware of where I am headed, and what I don’t want to look like when I go to the high school reunion in July.

I received this in an email titled “Bacon Grease Will Make Your Feet Look Small” While I admit they all seem to have self-pride, I don’t want to be there.

Bacon Grease Make Your Feet Look small.





4 Responses

  1. Ah, heck, it’s a process! Don’t beat yourself up about it. I keep thinking it’s the long term that matters, the commitment to just keep on keepin on. I figure eventually I’ll figure it out.

    Sounds like you ARE on the right track! Just keep on movin’.

  2. You are always such a Sweetheart and so encouraging. Thank you

  3. Most people who successfully lose weight and keep it off have several unsuccessful attempts.

    Trying and failing is ok. Not trying will never get you where you want to be.

  4. timmcg- thanks for the encouragement. When I was younger I was amazingly successful at losing, fairly easily. I think I got spoiled. Now that the game has gotten harder, I don’t like to play. LOL

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