Taxes, Taxes, Taxes…

Wasn’t the whole reason for the Boston Tea Party to get rid of taxes? Sorry, I just couldn’t help thinking that the whole time I’m trying to beat the clock yesterday. Talk about added stress. Thank goodness I only mindlessly munch when I’m bored, because usually when I’m stressed I don’t have time to eat. LOL.

I have to say when it comes to exercise and losing weight, one of my pet peeves is people who say “muscle weighs more than fat”. My answer to that is “a pound, is a pound, is a pound”, but the other day I was reading an article that had a very good analogy in it. It said that “a pound of feathers could fill a bathtub, but a pound of lead you could hold in the palm of your hand.” I thought that was an excellent visualization on the difference between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle. Obviously I will not ever be small enough to fit in someone’s hand, but I am working on being easier to hold than a bathtub of feathers.

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