Decisions, Decisions…

I love having one thing in my diet that is consistant and helps my health on many levels. For me that thing is the first thing I eat in the morning. It sort of sets the tone for the rest of the day. I start with yogurt mix in flaxseed oil, flaxseed, and some kind of fruit, even tho it is usually a fruit flavored yogurt. Now that they are adding probyotics (sp?) it’s even better. Usually my yogurt of choice is Dannon “Light & Fit”. It only has 60 calories for a 6oz container, no fat and I think (because I don’t have it on hand right now) only 1 grm. of fiber. It’s also usually on sale when I need it which 50 cents each is pretty sweet. (1pt)

The last time I went to get yogurt, they had WeightWatchers brand on sale instead. WeightWatchers has 100 calories (40 calorie diff), but 3 grms of fiber (2gms diff). (1pt) So now I have a dilemma. If they both are only 1 pt. is it better to have the 40 extra calories with the extra fiber, or is it better to stick with the less calories, but less fiber? Crazy isn’t it? So I appreciate any help here, assuming all other things are the same, or if someone knows why one is better for me than the other, I would love to hear it.


2 Responses

  1. Yeh, I understand the dilemma here. I’d say that if your present yogurt (Dannon?) is satisfying you, then eat it. Fewer calories is good. I myself enjoy Activia light in blueberry — it’s 1 pt as well and very creamy and delicious. Anyway, I figure that fewer calories is good as long as I like the food item. If I am still really hungry, I switch to something in the same point range with more fiber to fill me up.

  2. Thanks. As far as satisfaction I don’t notice one being better than the other, and I too happen to think less calories is probably a good thing, especially since I already add so much fiber to it anyhow.

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