Didn’t That News Turn Everything Upside Down?

Anyone see the “World News With Katie Couric” night before last? Yep, tore apart another widely held belief in our self-help healthcare. I’m talking about the fact that we really don’t need 8- 8oz glasses of water a day after all. This news spread almost as fast as “Mammograms Don’t Save Women’s Lives”.  What’s funny is one of the newsletters I get from a doctor who believes regular medicine is just for getting regular doctors more money, and regular doctors say he’s a Quack, has been saying this for ages. He too, says it’s really only neccessary to drink when you’re thirsty, or doing some kind of exercise where you are excreting water. He also says you can tell if you’re getting enough by the color of your urine.

The thing we need to remember, those of us on the weightloss trail, is that we don’t drink water just for hydration. We drink it to help flush the fat from our bodies. Obviously that wouldn’t work if we didn’t drink. Water like many other things, is a tool for us to use.

The other thing I wanted to bring up is the “Sutter Health TV” website. They had an excellent special on the other night about Women’s Health that I thought was excellent. They are a great resource, but I was especially interested because it had a lot of interesting info concerning exercise for women in their 20’s thru 60’s. Which kinds of exercise were most important based on age, etc. If you’re interested at all, you can visit their site at http://www.sutterhealthtv.com.

Have a great weekend everybody!


3 Responses

  1. I think all the studies that are done are then reversed at some point. Everyone’s got an opinion!

  2. I heard the news about water, too, and was also thinking that water is a great way to help take the edge off of hunger and help us to not overeat. I find drinking water helps me to feel fuller. So, yeh, it’s good not to be slavishly tied to the eight glasses a day rule, but for those of us with weight problems, water can be a true friend. Good point about flushing out fat (and toxins) from the system, too!

  3. It just amazes me sometimes. How does anyone really know what to do for health? It seems to change every other day!

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