A Couple of Things If You’re Losing Weight…

#1. I am so happy! I have always loved english muffins, and on Weight Watchers, they are definitely an alternative bread choice, but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice 2pts. where I could have 2 pieces of light bread toast for 1pt. I don’t know how long they’ve been out, but now Thomas’s (the english muffin people) have come out with a “light” english muffin. It’s terrific! Each muffin is 100 calories, only 1 gm of fat, and 8gm. of fiber. On the WeightWatchers point scale, that is only 1. Not only that, but evidently at one time they used high fructose corn-syrup, which they don’t do anymore. It just brought back a little bit of deliciousness for me. (It’s amazing how excited you can get about something so little, aye?).

The other thing I wanted to talk about is putting lemon in your water when you’re out. I think this is an old dieting trick for adding a little bit of acid hoping to burn just a few more calories. After watching this, I will never do that again!


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  2. Certain tea’s may help you lose weight too by drinking even as little as 2 cups a day. Oolong tea has been proven to burn 157% more fat than Green tea. http://eatknowhow.wordpress.com/2008/03/31/teas-medicinal-benefits-of-kava-kava-black-oolong/

  3. YES! I found those Thomas’s muffins, too. You know, you can have an egg sandwich with Kraft 2% cheese and an egg for only five points, then…? Of omit the cheese and it’s only three points. For an EGG SANDWICH. Hurrah!

  4. That sounds great. I hadn’t really thought of that, and now they have FF cheddar slices, altho I don’t have a pack on hand right now, so I don’t know how the points adjust. Thanks for reminding me you don’t have to give up all good things. LOL.

    To Eatknowhow- Sorry to see your blog has been removed, but thanks for the tip on the tea. My new love has been Arizona Diet Green Tea w/Ginseng. I love it for the antioxidents and a little extra energy.

  5. EEEEWWWW! I saw that video about the disgusting stuff living on that lemon slice in your drink. I always get diet soda or iced tea when I’m out so now I have to remember to tell them to hold the lemon. The video makes me wonder though, if all of that stuff is on a little slice of lemon……what might be on all of the other foods we’re served in restaurants? Aren’t the same hands touching everything? Hhhhmmmm…nothing like a home-cooked meal, is there?

  6. I will never get lemon wedges in a restaurant again. What an eye-opener!! Isn’t is amazing the things we don’t know that we don’t know?

  7. Lori- Thanks for stopping by. Isn’t that just the grossest thing. I think the lemon is handled by the waitstaff and not the cooks, but who knows what we’re getting?

    Karen- Thank you also for coming by. Yeah, when I saw this video and thought of the years I added lemon to my tea or water, I just about got ill. Looking at this it’s lucky we aren’t all sick. LOL

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