Not A Whole Lot To Say…

Easter went off just fine. Both the kids had to work, but that’s okay I guess. The ham  was perfect and I even made gravy from the pan drippings. (A little salty for my taste). I have to admit, without the Easter Baskets this year, it was like there was a little something missing all day. As old as the kids are, I used to make them hunt for eggs, etc.  This year I also had to worry about dessert, something that never mattered before because everyone ate the chocolate in their baskets. Thank goodness for sugar free instant pudding and fat-free milk. LOL. I made a banana cream pie, folding a little Cool Whip into the top half, in a lower fat grahmcracker crust and then just a drizzle of Lite Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. If I tracked the points right, it still was 4pts. a slice, but it was good. Luckily I was too full after dinner, so I had it for breakfast. I know, shame, shame.

I did want to say that I have been “listening to my body” for that “satisfaction sigh”, when you’re supposed to put down the fork and be done. The problem I’m having with that is that I apparently am like Pavlov’s dog. I’ll be eating and start thinking about it, then I do it. I don’t think that’s how it was meant to work. Sometimes I think about it shortly after I start eating and then it happens. If I follow the rules, I’m nowhere near satisfied (of course, that probably wouldn’t hurt me any as far as dropping a few pounds), but it’s frustrating! If anyone else uses that as a “body signal” how do you handle it? Is it just me? When I think about it and I’m not eating, it makes me yawn. Weird.

Over the Holiday I also got a look at being an “empty nester”. The kids had gone to friends after work Sun. nite and stayed most of Monday. It was definitely quiet around here. While I am anxious to have them move out so I can have my house back, I have a few doubts on how well I’m going to handle it. As they’ve grown up, we’ve really become quite good friends. I’m just hoping I’ll be busy enough changing everything around, I won’t have time to notice they’re gone.


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