It’s So Good To Join…

the world again. I actually started out last week going to a  training for Real Estate Brokers. It was so great to interact again. I had not forgotten as much as I thought. It was so good, I started with a hug from a member services person that I have barely known but has helped me a lot recently. We had talked and played tag so many times when she saw me, a hug was automatic.

That on top of my daughter being here, I am working more on getting out and not being the hermit that it is so easy to become.

I don’t know how many read the “letter to my body”, but it has helped. I find myself making better choices based on “us” getting along better and thinking about how I want to be later on in life, than even counting points, (altho that doesn’t hurt, combining the two).

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate. I’m looking forward to the day. The BF is off work, I’m ready to go to church, and I’m feeling happy about Easter dinner. I’m also really happy not to deal with “Easter Baskets” LOL. I have told every one and the only one in my house really disappointed is my mother, who really doesn’t need it, so I will probably go get her candy Monday. This year there will be no extra PeePs, colored speckled eggs, etc. This year, maybe the kids are old enough to finally understand what Easter is all about.


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