Veggie Daughter Comes To Visit…

I previously wrote about my oldest daughter going vegan. I have since learned the difference between “vegetarian” and “vegan”. She is definitely “vegetarian”. The nite she got here, I had made my famous quiche for dinner with a salad. The quiche has ham in it, so she didn’t eat any of that, and I set about to try and find her something that I had that didn’t have meat in it. When you’re completely carnivorous as I am, there’s not much that doesn’t have meat. I offered to make her scrambled eggs and that was about as good as it gets! Even my soups all have either fish or meat. Luckily she hasn’t totally given up dairy yet, as there are a lot of things that have dairy that she uses to substitute for not having meat in her meals. I told her to take it one step at a time, because if she makes it too hard on herself she’s just setting herself up for failure.

 I’m really happy that she has stuck with this so far. She has always had problems with her digestion, and she was never a big fruit or vegie eater. She was drinking diet cokes like crazy and I could never get her to drink water. All of that has changed, plus she’s gotten very pro-active about her vitamins. She had a veggie burrito for lunch yesterday which she said was delicious (Del Taco), that she never would have even tried before.

Last nite I made homemade nachos for dinner for all of us. They work out to about 5pts. per serving for me, and they don’t have any meat for her. My family loves them because on each round tortilla chip is a 1/2 tsp. of warm beans, put a pinch of low fat cheese on top and melt in the micro. Put a tiny dollop of guacamole on top, and a tiny dollop of FF sour cream on top of that and eat. Each nacho is made individually and they are surprisingly filling. They are nothing like the nachos you get nowadays where everything is just thrown on a pile of chips!

We went shopping most of the day yesterday. I couldn’t believe it. I wore her out (my revenge for Las Vegas) and we were back out at it this morning. We both talked about how important it is to get out and be doing something. We both come from kind of the same place. It’s very easy to stay in sweats, looking like hell and never leave the house unless you have to. While her visit was, as always, too short, it was packed with fun and we were able to give each other some great encouragement. I’m rockin’ and rollin’ now. LOL


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