“Need To Exercise Saves Dieter”

If I was writing a newspaper article in a “good news” paper, that would be my headline. I am getting so much more concious of my need for exercise, that rather than driving home from the bar (yeah, a saloon), I walked.

The other day I needed to stop by the neighborhood bar to see the owner, who is a friend of mine. Since I was in the bar business for the last 10 yrs. most my more recent friends are bar people. The bartender on duty was the same one who has been there working days for at least the last 15 yrs. and we’ve always been pretty good friends. I hadn’t had much to eat and the first drink he poured was pretty strong. (Skyy vodka and water= 2pts). The second one I had to be polite because I had cashed a check (good an excuse as any) and told him to pour it light. It was still pretty good. My friend that I was there to talk to came in while I was having that drink, so I stuck around for another. By the time I was ready to go (3 drinks= 6pts.) I could really feel them. What a sissy since I don’t drink much anymore!  Instead of getting behind the wheel of my car, (last thing I need right now is a DUI) or calling someone to come get me, I decided to use that opportunity to get my exercise in for the day. It’s probably a mile to a mile and a half from home. I sped up, slowed down, sped up, slowed down, trying to make the most out of what I was doing. It was great! I felt better when I got home, I stopped and saw a neighbor that lives just a couple of doors down that I hadn’t seen in awhile, and managed to get some worthwhile cardio in. Plus I was carrying a carton of cigs, a 32oz. bottle of water, and my purse, so essentially I was walking with weight. LOL.

Gotta take advantage of opportunities when they strike!


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