As You May Notice…

I am becoming completely obsessed with exercise. Obsessed with studying it and putting a workout together, but unfortunately still not doing it.  I would say I am “gearing up”, but I realize as much as I look at it, it still requires ACTION. LOL.

My latest inspiration comes from a couple of articles read, one of which is titled “9 Reasons to Start a Fitness Plan” published in AARP mag. Aug. of 2006. (Yes, damn it, I am old enough to enjoy an AARP membership). Their magazines actually have a lot of good articles that are not necessarily just geared for old people. Some of their advice I wish I had taken up years ago, as with this particular article.

First reason: To live longer. Actually, I’m not always sure this is a benefit. Until recently, I basically only wanted to live long enough to actually get my house clean, empty of clutter, have my kids all out on their own, and have one time I could say “I’m bored”. Since gaining 2 new grand-nephews last year, it has occurred to me that I actually may want to live long enough to see my grandchildren become young adults. I have that figured at at least another 20 yrs. and that would be if I had grandchildren. As of yet, I don’t even see any on the horizons, so that timeline looks to be extended.

2) Improve memory. Now that’s something I can use. I remember the day I was at work, 23 yrs. young, and declared the senility was already starting to seep in. Here I am many years later and can use all the help I can get in stalling this as much as possible.

3) Heal faster. As I am a prime candidate for Osteoporosis, I find this to be of great importance. What I don’t understand is the group in the study of the connection between exercise and healing letting themselves be wounded in order to find out which group healed faster. I would personally like to thank them, as I for one have a low threshold of pain and certainly would not have been able to do anything in this way to further the advance of medical science.

4) Boost immunity. This study found that people who lifted weights, walked or many other forms of exercise, just 3 times a week had stronger immune systems and caught less colds and flu than people who didn’t exercise. Since according to the news this year’s flu shots are only 40% effective, this seems like a viable alternative to being ill.

5) Increase sexual function. This evidently is especially true for males. Just burning 200 calories a day, helped men between the ages of 40 and 70 maintain erectile function. Of course, if everything is working fine and you’re just not getting any, this won’t help much.

6) Increase creativity. According to another study on the effects of exercise, creativity is much stronger after exercise, and up to as much as two hours after.  For me this would be a big plus. As you may have noticed I have not been as vigilant as I once was on this blog alone, not to mention my other projects. For me this should provide a great incentive. Maybe this is the natural answer to “writer’s block”?

7) Be Pain Free. While exercise is not the answer to all aches and pains as we get older, it does help. One of the things I tell my mother when she complains about “it hurts to walk, etc” is “that’s because you don’t do it enough”. She sits in her chair all day and then wonders why it’s so hard to much and she’s so stiff when she goes to get up. While I don’t advocate smoking, since she has decided to return to the ugly habit, she is moving constantly, (or at least every 2 hours) and I haven’t heard her complain in ages.

8)Be able to pick up your grandkids. As we age we lose muscle naturally. The only way to try and counteract this is to get the proper exercise. In old age, another case of “use it or lose it”. I don’t want to sit in a chair all day watching TV and not going out with my family to celebrations, etc. Keeping as much muscle as possible is a must!

Last but not least…

9) Save money. I am currently one of the many millions of Americans without health insurance. I cannot afford to be sick. People who exercise just 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week spend less per year on medical costs. That works for me, especially since without ins. the costs are absolutely crazy.

Well, I feel all inspired now that I have answered these challenges for myself. I think it’s time I got moving!


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    Very interesting and useful post.
    I add your interesting blog in my iGoogle page!
    We’ll expect many new interesting posts from you 😉

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