Me and 2008…

aren’t exactly starting out as “buddies”. So far, my dog died early morning day after New Year’s (or late New Year’s nite). Then come the storms for Northern California. Wind gusts upto about 92 mph they said on the news and enough rain that my ceiling is like being underneath a collander and looking up. (I desparately need a new roof). We were without power all day and a good portion of the evening.  The power came on briefly, but not long enough for me to cook, so I ended up ordering pizza. We didn’t have power to cook with, but other parts of town did.  Not exactly ‘diet’ friendly, but I had the points since all I did was nibble raw veggies most of the day.

I actually enjoyed not having power, a little bit. It was sort of romantic with all the candles and it was the first time the BF and I have talk-talked in quite awhile. I was just getting ready to hit him with the “deep” stuff, when the lights came back on and of course, so did the TV. 

My oldest daughter came up from Paso the other day to help open a new restaurant in a town about 30 minutes south of us. On her way she almost hit this little dog out on the freeway. She pulled over and said it came right to her. She said it had no ‘car sense’ and she was afraid it was going to get hit if she left him there, so she brought him here. Thanks. She obviously didn’t read my blog where I said I was too old anymore for the “puppy” stage. LOL

He’s actually very cute and was pretty friendly. He’s a brown chihuahuah (sp) and we’ve named him “Chewey”. In the meantime I’m checking ads to see if anyone lost a dog in the area she found him. My cats aren’t quite sure what to do with him yet. One thing they did decide is he wasn’t going to get away with barking and chasing them. He’s little enough, they taught him the pecking order around here pretty quickly.


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