Hooray for Getting Back to Normal

Actually, better than back to normal. I love the start of a New Year.  I started many years ago feeling like New Year’s Day was the day to put all the bad stuff from the year before behind me, and looking forward to a whole new beginning. It’s sort of like starting on day 1 with a brand new slate to draw anything you want however you want.

We had a very nice and quiet New Year’s Eve with low fat and fatfree cheese and crackers, ham and salami. A little champagne and to sleep I’m afraid, long before midnite. It was the first year in many I have been home instead of throwing a huge party. I enjoyed it immensely.

New Year’s day I baked a Honeybaked ham the BF got from his company for Christmas. I don’t know how Honeybaked does it, but I would pay for one, which I consider to be very expensive, because they are so worth it. I have tried spiral sliced hams from the grocery store, but they always come out so dry, etc.

I made blackeyed peas for goodluck with the hambone from XMAS and tried my substitute for cheesecake, for dessert. (I wrote about the ‘cheesecake’ flavored pudding in a post around Thanksgiving). While it was ok (rather rich), it definately did not taste anything like cheesecake to me. I am back to trying to find a cheesecake that will not take my whole day of points for 1 slice.

I got up this morning and my little American Eskimo dog named Baby, had passed on. Over the last few months she has been going down hill rapidly. First was her eyesite, then hearing, and then a few days ago she just started to die. I was going to put her down this morning if she hadn’t gone on her own. She’s just been so miserable the last few days, even tho she didn’t seem to be in pain. I just couldn’t let her suffer anymore. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that. We’ve had her for about 14 yrs. and it was hard enough just coming to that decision, let alone if I would have actually had to do it. I don’t know if I can handle anymore dogs. The last one we had grew to old age, and I had to put her down after having her for years. It’s so like losing one of the family. I still have about 5 cats. Maybe that’s enough. I think I’m too old to go thru anymore “puppy” stages anyhow. As long as I stay away from the pound, I should be fine. LOL.

Hope all of you had a wonderful New Year’s holiday and may 2007 be the worst of all your years to come. God Bless



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