Armed And Dangerous…

To fat! I have a points counter in my purse. I have one in the kitchen drawer where I cook. I have one at my desk. I added a journal to the kitchen drawer last night, I have a journal in my room, and I am adding one to my purse. I’m serious! I’m going to do this right, and not having the tools on me will not be an excuse.

I didn’t get my chicken and dumplings last nite. In fact, I changed my dinner choices a half dozen times. I was so frustrated at the grocery store that right there and then I planned dinner for the next few days just so I don’t have to leave the house! In a way that’s a good thing. It sure helps stop the temptations of all the Christmas goodies. I ended up with ham (I sure miss the Armor 98% Fat Free version), 1/4 cup mac and cheese, (a cup was 7 pts. not that good), vegies, and beans. All in all I had a pretty successful day. I didn’t even have to dip into my extra allowance for my 8pts. worth of wine. LOL

I booked our hotel for Vegas for the last of Jan. It’s my oldest daughter’s birthday, so her, my middle daughter and I are going to spend it there. We were going to go a few yrs. ago, but never made it. The thing about Vegas is the food is so cheap! Thank goodness they have a lot of buffets with seafood, etc. so I am already starting to prepare myself.


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