Keep Motivating!

I wasn’t happy at WI yesterday. I try to journal, but halfway thru the first day I quit. 1) I guess I can’t take the realization of how fast those darn points ad up 2) A lot of times it’s inconvenient. So as a plan of action, I think I will try keeping one of those free 7 day paper journals everywhere I eat. I realize I will have to add points together from more than 1 source, but it definately will make me aware of how many points I am putting in my mouth.

One of the people at the meeting the other day says she marks right on the bag, or package of her snacks or foods she eats, the amount of points per serving. This keeps her from mindless snacking. Immediately I came home and put a 4 on the top of the peanutbutter. LOL.

Today the plan has been to find 0 pt. foods that I can eat all day, as I stupidly started out the day with an 8 pt. peice of pepperoni pizza. Big mistake! I’ve also been thumbing thru those pamphlets you get at each meeting, starting with #1. There really are so many motivational tools and I don’t take nearly enough advantage of them.  Well, just cuz I screwed up this am doesn’t mean I have to screw up the whole rest of the day. Here’s to ‘getting back up on the horse!”


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  1. You bet! It’s really about sustaining healthy eating, isn’t it? If we think of the program as short term, then it gets frustrating. If we think, hey, I’m learning how to make changes long-term, then it’s okay if we flub here and there.

    We were talking about the journaling at our meeting on Tuesday, and one person said she writes down everything for morning and lunch and snack first thing in the monring. This takes planning, but then you can play that game of “if it wasn’t written down this morning I can’t eat it!”

    I write doen dinner points while I am cooking, so that way I don’t have to think about it while I’m eating. And I dish myself up first so I know I get the right portion.

    Anyway, hang in there. It’s not easy what we are doing. But the program works.

  2. Thank you so much “writinggb” for stopping by and the words of encouragement.
    I can see where that suggestion for writing everything down in advance could work, but it would take me forever to think that far in advance. Not only that but my mind changes all the time on what I want to eat.

    I do believe your right about thinking of the program long-term. I really try to think of it more in a “health” light than as a “diet”.

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