The Season Is Definately Here…

Along with all its usual temptations. First thing in my inbox this morning? a 10% off coupon from Godiva for my birthday. (Birthday’s the day after Christmas). Then I grab something to read in the bathroom, (nothing private here, LOL) and I’m excited to see it’s a Trader Joe’s XMAS flyer. What’s the first thing they tell us will get us back to an ‘old fashioned Christmas’? Belgium Chocolates and Chocolate Bark in a 16oz size! Boy, am I glad I bought some of the WW bars at the meeting last week. I have a feeling in the next few weeks I will be carrying them with me where ever I go. This is one of my strategies for fighting off the urge to indulge in all the beautiful XMAS goodies we’re going to be seeing every where.

I did go to our local rec center and got a program of the classes they’ll be offering starting in Jan. I have to start doing something! I do walk, but not as often as I should. Now with the rains and cold weather it’s liable to be even less. The only on-going class they have is squaredancing that is going right now. I always liked squaredancing when I was younger and in those classes the people are so much older, I would probably be ‘the kid’. LOL


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