Alas, Farewell Turkey Day…

That’s one thing I don’t have to deal with anymore until Christmas! Wednesday was the last day for leftovers, anything left got thrown out Wednedsday nite. Wednesday I made a batch of soup with the turkey soup I had made after Thanksgiving, thru in what was left of the stuffing, some sweet potatoes,  the end of the mashed potatoes (great thickener) the last litte bit of the turkey, pepper and that was that. It was good for lunch and then easy to dump what was left. Believe it or not, all that stuff together does really make a great tasting soup. I don’t usually add the sweet potatoes, but sparingly, they add a nice addition to the flavor.

So, I walked some today. Played around in the message boards yesterday at and am trying to be better about taking my vitamins. All in all, things are going well. Also back to being better about journaling. I am determined next weeks WI will be missing a bit.

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Christmas Gift


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