I Haven’t Gained, That’s a Plus…

I didn’t gain any weight over the weekend (Thurs-Sun) but I haven’t lost either. I’ve been playing around with this one pound. What that says to me is I am not paying as much attention to my point-count as I should be. It’s very easy to slide back into old habits. Being an ‘older woman’ who’s natural inclination is to gain weight by osmosis, I have to be especially vigilant about watching how many points are in what, and making myself move, as in exercise. I have been also sloppy about my water intake, which we all know how important that is. I am making a point of filling my WW mug now when I go out (instead of drinking a small bottle of water) hoping that will help. I’ve done real well on not drinking sodas, but it’s like I went from sodas to some water to nothing.

One way I plan on getting my water tonite is by adding it to vodka. I know, I know, alcohol doesn’t help lose weight. It’s approx. 2pts. a cocktail so I will be drinking approx. 10 of my points tonite to avoid the terrible pain associated with my Dolphins getting anialated by the Pittsburg Steelers on Monday Nite football. Have a good day all. LOL


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