Sunday Would Be “Donut” Day…

My whole life Sundays were different. If we went to church as a family when I was young, then after church we went to breakfast. When I was a little older and I was going to church with my friends (my parents had quit going) we would go to early service or mass and walk to breakfast afterward. In our house, now that I’m grown up and have kids of my own, if we go to church, we go for breakfast. (Unfortunately, in some ways that doesn’t happen enough) but if we didn’t go to church, a lot of times I would still go get fresh donuts before the kids got up. Now the kids are young adults, the daughters and I don’t do that so much anymore, but some habits die hard. For the last 2 yrs. my BF gets donuts on Sunday morning to take into work and every once in awhile, the desire to go get some for us here at the house comes back.

This morning was such a case. The first thing I did was go to my handy little “Dining Out Guide” to look up cinnamon rolls. Not pretty, and it would have to replace a whole meal. Not a good choice for me, but while I was in there I decided to have a look around. After looking thru it from back to front, this is what I learned:

1) It’s no wonder I’m over weight. The stuff I like to eat at most of these food places, they don’t even put in the book because it’s so bad!

2) If I want to go out to dinner, don’t. The only stuff on the menu without a lot of points are the condiments.

3) I will probably never go out for Mexican food again without feeling guilty unless I only order ‘pintos & cheese’. LOL.

4) If I’m going to have Coldstone Ice Cream, have it instead of a meal,  where I would be using those points anyway.

5) As they come out with the new “Dining Out Guides” don’t throw your old ones away. While they add new restaurants, sometimes they take out old ones.

and last but not least,

6) I’m glad a lot of these restaurants aren’t close to where I live!

Now, obviously some of this is a slight exaggeration, but “in every jest is a barb of truth”. It does do something for your awareness to walk thru that little book every once in awhile and I keep mine very handy. Luckily I don’t get in the mood to eat out very often, (if I’m going out I usually drink my points) and I can make a lower calorie-lower fat version at home. As for my cinnamon roll, I think I’ll probably just have a couple pieces of toast with cinnamon and sugar on my 1pt bread.


2 Responses

  1. Oooh! I love the idea of ‘donut’ day, except for maybe without the donuts. It’s great to have traditions to fall back on. It makes a crazy life a little more structured.

    Good job in your realizations about the ‘food’ that they serve in restaurants. One pretty good choice is Boston Pizza (I think in the US it’s called Boston’s? You can do the half lasagna for 7 points and it’s a pretty reasonable amount. Normal people would probably have a salad with it to make it even more satisfying, but I loathe salad so just ate it alone.

    Good luck in finding a new tradition instead of the donuts…maybe Starbucks?

  2. You crack me up. Wasn’t it you who hates celery also? Those are like a dieter’s ‘safe haven’ when you don’t have any points or calories left to eat anything else. What do you use?

    We have Boston Market here with the best mashed potatoes anywhere, but not the Pizza version. I do go get a latte from Caffino which is like a drive-thru Starbucks. Thanks for the suggestions. Appreciate any help I can get.LOL

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