Thanksgiving’s Over, Or Is It?

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving filled with food, friends and family! I myself had a wonderful day! As usual, I was not ready on time still cleaning & setting the table right up to the time to take the turkey out of the oven. Once again, if it wasn’t for my absolutely wonderful boyfriend (whose an absolute great cook), I could have never pulled it off. He has also been retrained to cook lowfat and doesn’t seem to mind at all. Maybe that’s because before we got together his favorite saying was “there ain’t no fat chicks sleeping in my bed”. LOL. How disgusting! Maybe I just persued him to shut him up! Sorry. Got off track there for a minute. My point was, it’s to his advantage to cook lower fat and healthier if he doesn’t want me to gain more than I have.

I did good with my eating on Thanksgiving. My daughter made the pies with my lowfat changes, (any body have an idea on how to substitute the sugar? They used to have ‘sugartwin’ that was supposed to be used like real sugar, but I remember the couple of times I tried it, it was really sweet) they came out terrific! I only ate a spoonful of each thing, made fresh asparagus instead of greenbean casserole, and instead of “candied” yams, I just added brown sugar and cinnamon. I was still plenty full and was happy with a tablespoon vs. a cup or half cup of everything.

To me, the real test comes the day after Thanksgiving with the leftovers. While before the big day, I was glad to be having Thanksgiving dinner at our house so I could control the ingredients. After Thanksgiving the leftovers pose a constant threat. Even tho I gave food for company to take home, it was not enough! How much willpower can 1 fat girl have anyway? I made Turkey soup for dinner last nite, and that helps a little. I actually took the time to make an actual stock and everything this time. Pointswise it comes out at 2 for a cup, if that, and was so nice and warm as the nites are getting cooler.

So, while I wait to weigh in, I am still working on making it a “down” Thanksgiving instead of “up”. On this side of the Turkey day, I am thinking that it might have been nice to go somewhere else for Thanksgiving so there weren’t still 2 pies and a dutch oven full of stuffing sitting in my fridge!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving sister

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