One Thing To Remember…

This time of year we get so busy we have a tendancy to put off eating until we’re starving. This is a definate ‘no, no’. Yesterday I kept saying to myself that I was just going to do ‘one more thing’ and then I’ll eat. I finally got to the kitchen around 1pm. I was hungry and I knew exactly what I wanted. We were out of bread. Had to go to the store.  I’ll do that after I do ‘one more thing’. By the time I got my shower, went to the store and finally fixed my soup and sandwich it was 4pm and I was famished. My old way would be to grab whatever was fastest and easiest, no matter what the points. Because I have been committed to being good, I just starved myself. (I should have grabbed a piece of fruit, but that still isn’t the first thing to come to mind).

We need to remember how important it is to keep fueling our body, especially with all the added chores during this time of year. It also doesn’t do your metabolism any good, as your body starts to hoard the fat it has. The latest research says that ideally we should be eating every three hours, at least. Now it’s a matter of putting it into practice. Ever been around those really skinny people that eat all the time? Now you get it!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I ate some vegetable soup at 3:00pm this afternoon because I knew I was going to run after work, and I actually had energy to give’r! Who knew that eating could be so helpful?!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Glad it helped. Vegetable soup is a great refueler. They tell us you’ll tire easy if you don’t drink enough water, but they really don’t express how fatigued you get if you don’t eat. Kind of like gas in the gas tank. LOL

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