Gearing Up For Thanksgiving…

The one aspect of changing my lifestyle that I haven’t conquered is exercise, and I’m looking into a revolutionary new idea from 2 different sources that moves exercise into 10 min. and gives the benefits that “Curves” is supposed to give you by “circuit training”. In the meantime Thanksgiving is approaching and I’m trying to clean years of dust and clutter in a matter of a couple of days.

I hope everything they say aabout how you burn calories while you clean is true. If that’s the case, I did quite well yesterday. I half worked (moving during commercials) during “Judge Judy” but then worked in hernest from about 4pm to 8pm. I was vacuming high and low, I was climbing up and down the stepladder to put cans away on the top shelf, and I was walking back and forth to the trashcans outside as I got rid of recyclables and trash. (Our compactor broke. Nothing like timing!). After I had finished for the nite and had sat down for a few minutes, I stood up and went to walk to the kitchen for some dinner, and I was already getting stiff! Definately a reminder of how ‘out of shape’ I really am and how important it is that I get back to doing something that will get me moving. I have been exceptionally good about parking farther and farther away from the store, so I have to walk some.

The other nite while I was fixing dinner, a program came on ION TV. It was along the lines of “The Biggest Loser”. Everyone chose their own diet (the lady on WW did quite well after they introduced ‘flexpoints’) and everyone had to do some form of exercise. One of the ladies was a 40-something mother of 7 who had never done anything athletic in her life. She chose running and ended up training for the NY marathon. While I admire her ambition, I don’t think my goals are quite that lofty. LOL. She ended up with a problem with one of her knees, she thought she was going to get sick and pass out on mile 16, but I have to give her credit. She finished in just over 5 hrs. When they handed out awards, they didn’t hand them out for losing the most weight, but for those who had come the farthest. She was now down to a darling size 8 and took 1st place. I cried (I’m sloppy that way).

I think it’s time I started remembering my own reward for moving my fat a**. I can remember, not all that many years ago when I got up to walking 10mi. a day. It was beautiful, the feeling of accomplishment I felt. Even when I traveled, I walked. What happened to that person? I know she’s in there somewhere. I’ve gone thru two walking partners and can’t seem to find another, but I’m working on my middle daughter. If I could just get her moving before noon! LOL.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Lady,

    Looks like your Thanksgiving is coming together nicely. I made the crustles pumpkin pie last year and it was finished before the regular one! i’ll definitely be making that again. I think you have the right idea on circuit training, mixing things up, just not doing the same thing every time. I don’t suggest the Curves though. I had a trial membership for a month and I never broke a sweat. I also recieved dirty looks when I asked if I could go around the “circuit” for a third time. Guess two is what they allow. it wasn’t even busy that day, only three of us total. I’ve talked to others and get the same response of dislike or if it is busy having the person ahead of you take their time getting off the machine so instead of the full song you end up maybe getting half the song to work out with then switch again and wait.

  2. I didn’t care for Curves either. It was good for me because I needed to start out slow, but the girl that was supposed to be monitoring was a pain. I was going to start going to another one down the street when that one went out of business. I think the idea is a good one, it’s just not done properly.

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