Everything is Looking So Tasty…

I’m still doing really well and very happy with myself for some of the choices I have made, but as Thanksgiving draws closer, there’s more desserts, more things to entice me off my proven path. So as I was wondering thru the grocery store, I had a snack attack. Not in the usual way, but I could tell I was starting to weaken. I really had to remind myself anything they had there in the bakery I could do at home, and it wouldn’t cost me my body and my feeling of wellbeing. Immediately I headed for the baking section.  I bought lowfat graham cracker piecrust. I bought fatfree, sugarfree instant pudding. (Which by the way, they have a new ‘cheesecake’ flavor, so I may satisfy my need for cheesecake with 3 little points). I love chocolate cream pie, banana cream pie, all can be done with fatfree, sugarfree instant pudding. Yeah! I bought brownie mixes where I use sheddspread for the oil and eggbeaters for the eggs, and I know how to shave a lot of points off of the usual pumkin pie using canned skim milk and eggbeaters. I Am Prepared!! Thanksgiving? Bring it on!!

I know all these things have points and I count them, but now a moment of weakness doesn’t have to destroy me!


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