If I Had a Smiley Face…

to add to this, I would. I’m feeling very good today. I have been soooo good I just can’t hardly stand it! Altho the other day was almost a disaster!

My daughter decided to go to Del Taco (where my favorite burrito is about 3lbs. and 25 pts.) and asked if I wanted anything. I was starving at the time and “Yes” just popped right out of this big ol’ mouth. Luckily I caught myself, and told her I would be fixing myself a chiliburger here. I figured 98% fat free Dennisons, my 93% lean ground beef, and I only needed 1/2 of the bun instead of the whole thing. I envisioned a nice, fiber-filled, filling lunch for about 6pts. That’s reasonable, aye? I went to the kitchen and the couple of cans of lowfat chili I had bought for me were gone. There were 16 cans of the fully leaded stuff! which by then I ended up eating. When I counted up all the points, sure as heck, there it was, all 16pts. But, being newly committed that I am, I only had a salad for dinner that nite and here I am feeling good about it 2 days later!

When stuff like the above happens that makes us feel so good about ourselves and so accomplished, it makes me wonder why at times I am so into self-sabatoging and pain!


One Response

  1. It’s weird, isn’t it. That we almost have such a fear of success that we sabotage ourselves. You did good though. The only one who benefits or doesn’t from what you do, is YOU! Sabotaging ourselves doesn’t hurt anyone else. That’s a hard one to get past.

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