A Little Under the Weather..

I am really fighting to stay healthy right now. That too would be a good reason to be exercising! All day Fri. I was chilled, got physically ill Fri. nite and had a fever for most of the day yesterday.  After my son and my BF being sick for 3wks. when they got this cold going around, I’ve been guarding myself pretty well. Plug in the xtra vitamins, lots of C and echinacea and mostly just soup. It’s amazing how comforting it can be to revisit my childhood when there were times soup seemed to cure everything!

I did find an apetite for something sweet tho. So I pulled out a box of brownie mix, used melted shedd spread for the oil, eggbeaters for the eggs and they came out delicious! And so much less fat than even the lowfat recipe they have on the box using applesauce instead of all the oil. I don’t care for things that are too sweet or too sugary, so this works great for me.  This is the same trick I use for my pies, etc at Thanksgiving. They come out just like the real thing, I don’t have to feel quite so guilty if I have a piece, and nobody knows the difference. Now if they would just come out with lowfat, lowcal, premade pie shells I would have it made! LOL


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  1. hope you feel well this time .. i am doing great and i did work hardest i could this week to move the scale down!!hope you recover soon…

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