I Have Come to Realize…

If I’m going to be true to this blog and the reason I started it (to raise my dieting conciousness and accountability) I need to blog before I start opening my e-mail! Opening my email works kind of like my brain. I start reading one, which leads my thought proccess to something else, which leads to something else, etc. etc. The next thing I know the day is over! So, I am recommitting to making my entries as originally intended and adding 1 more thing to the list of things I do control in my life!

I am doing pretty well, actually. I have been staying within my guidelines for healthier eating. I just haven’t been very loyal about squeezing in some exercise time.  But, I bought my new planner yesterday and will start scheduling it like an appointment, just like the big boys tell me to do. This change in daylight savings time should actually help me, as I like to exercise early (if I’m going to do it at all), before I get distracted. It’s getting light much earlier now so now I can start. Did that just sound like an excuse? LOL


2 Responses

  1. I think it’s a great idea to exercise in the morning. get in done and over with. Too bad I don’t listen to myself.

  2. That is awesome that you like to get up early and workout. I wish I could say the same! That time change has been feeling pretty good in the mornings!

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