Sometimes I get So Frustrated…

I’ve been playing with about the same 5lbs. for how long now? (Since I started this blog). I have discovered not only is it a little harder to lose weight post menapausal, but my willpower doesn’t seem to be getting any stronger, either. Now, something is just plain wrong with that picture! I know a lot of older people who have taken on eating right as a natural choice and don’t seem to have any problem saying ‘no’ to the things that aren’t good for them. Me, on the other hand, continue to indulge myself.  I know what I have to do, and now the holidays are coming. It’s time for me to rework my recipes to the lowfat version, which are actually just as good, and take advantage of a tip I was reminded of this AM. Instead of candy, which really isn’t that big a weakness for me, (damn it! It would be so much easier if that’s all it was) I will enjoy sugarfree, fat free, hot chocolate as my little slice of decadence on cold nites.

Also, did you know it takes more calories to chew and digest celery than you consume? That’s what makes it a dieting Super Food. Just skip the peanut butter or the cream cheese. LOL


2 Responses

  1. I hate to tell you, but I don’t think the lack of willpower and stamina have everything to do with menopause….I’m 28 and I struggle….

    And celery? It would work for me as a Super Food except that it completely disgusts me in both looks, taste and smell….fortunately, there is no Weight Watchers requirement to eat it. Thank GOD!

  2. I wish the SF/FF hot chocolate would do it for me but it doesn’t. I’ve tried and tried. I always need something else. Hopefully one day I’ll find the chocolate without alot a points, will only need a little bit to satisfy me, and I can stop. The closet thing I have found so far is the chocolate covered mint altoids. 2 pieces,0 pts. Reminds me of eating a York Peppermint patty. Sometimes I can even get away with eating just 2, sometimes. LOL

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