Here I am…

Not too much to say this AM. Always keeping my eye open for new tricks to losing weight. One I do naturally, but don’t know how much it has helped. They say, if upon waking you drink ice cold water, your body burns extra calories trying to bring that water up to your body temp. I personally sleep with a huge cup of water on my nitestand, so I’m hoping this trick works a few times a nite! LOL. By the time I wake in the morning, I have usually drank a 32 oz. glass of water thru the nite. It gives me 1) a little extra exercise getting up and down to go to the bathroom 2) burns calories because I use ice, so it’s cold all nite long 3) I have a headstart on the day to drink my 8 glasses of water.

I don’t neccessarily advocate drinking a lot of water thru the nite due to the fact that you are up and down a lot, which is not very restfull, but I am up and down anyway, so I might as well take advantage of it. LOL.


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  1. That is a great idea. Your body burns calories just by warming up the ice cold water! Weight Loss Tips

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