Alas, Farewell Turkey Day…

That’s one thing I don’t have to deal with anymore until Christmas! Wednesday was the last day for leftovers, anything left got thrown out Wednedsday nite. Wednesday I made a batch of soup with the turkey soup I had made after Thanksgiving, thru in what was left of the stuffing, some sweet potatoes,  the end of the mashed potatoes (great thickener) the last litte bit of the turkey, pepper and that was that. It was good for lunch and then easy to dump what was left. Believe it or not, all that stuff together does really make a great tasting soup. I don’t usually add the sweet potatoes, but sparingly, they add a nice addition to the flavor.

So, I walked some today. Played around in the message boards yesterday at and am trying to be better about taking my vitamins. All in all, things are going well. Also back to being better about journaling. I am determined next weeks WI will be missing a bit.

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Christmas Gift

Well, It Could Have Been Worse..

I went. I weighed in. I’m up .6 lbs. I’m okay with that. I’m glad I went. For that amount, it could be my clothes. With it being colder now, I’m weighing in in sweats. I didn’t gain as much as I could have. I stayed for the meeting. I am so glad I did. They’re talking strategies for not gaining wait over Christmas. I forget how motivating the meetings can be. I don’t care how you are choosing to lose weight. We all have different bodies, and we all have different things that work for us. Whatever your choice, it truly does help to have company along the way. While the blogging helps and I’ve ‘sort of met’ some new friends here, it’s nice to have a real live person to share things with that understands. If you belong to Weight Watchers, keep going to the meetings. It’s one of the things that makes WW work.  If you don’t belong to WW find commrades on the internet or where ever you can that can support you on your journey. We all get tired, frustrated and a little down. It’s nice to have someone to help lift you up.

I’ve Gotten Too Old…

Yesterday I said I was going to ‘drink my points’ last nite, but no such thing. My day went to hell and everytime I turned around there was something else I had to do. The final straw was when I checked on the crockpot to make sure everything was ok, leave my BF instructions on how to finish up, and make my escape.  As I peered at the crockpot it looked just a little suspicious. Yes, this time I remembered to turn it on, but never plugged it in! I ended up getting KFC and calling it a nite. I ate 2 thighs (without the skin) and an ear of corn. As for going out, I just didn’t have any energy left. All in all, that’s probably a good thing since I plan on weighing in tomarrow. lol

I Haven’t Gained, That’s a Plus…

I didn’t gain any weight over the weekend (Thurs-Sun) but I haven’t lost either. I’ve been playing around with this one pound. What that says to me is I am not paying as much attention to my point-count as I should be. It’s very easy to slide back into old habits. Being an ‘older woman’ who’s natural inclination is to gain weight by osmosis, I have to be especially vigilant about watching how many points are in what, and making myself move, as in exercise. I have been also sloppy about my water intake, which we all know how important that is. I am making a point of filling my WW mug now when I go out (instead of drinking a small bottle of water) hoping that will help. I’ve done real well on not drinking sodas, but it’s like I went from sodas to some water to nothing.

One way I plan on getting my water tonite is by adding it to vodka. I know, I know, alcohol doesn’t help lose weight. It’s approx. 2pts. a cocktail so I will be drinking approx. 10 of my points tonite to avoid the terrible pain associated with my Dolphins getting anialated by the Pittsburg Steelers on Monday Nite football. Have a good day all. LOL

I Was Playing with Widgets..

and lost my blogroll etc. Am trying to get it back. All my links are still here, but they don’t appear on my site. same with categories etc. As soon as I figure it out, they’ll be back. LOL

Sunday Would Be “Donut” Day…

My whole life Sundays were different. If we went to church as a family when I was young, then after church we went to breakfast. When I was a little older and I was going to church with my friends (my parents had quit going) we would go to early service or mass and walk to breakfast afterward. In our house, now that I’m grown up and have kids of my own, if we go to church, we go for breakfast. (Unfortunately, in some ways that doesn’t happen enough) but if we didn’t go to church, a lot of times I would still go get fresh donuts before the kids got up. Now the kids are young adults, the daughters and I don’t do that so much anymore, but some habits die hard. For the last 2 yrs. my BF gets donuts on Sunday morning to take into work and every once in awhile, the desire to go get some for us here at the house comes back.

This morning was such a case. The first thing I did was go to my handy little “Dining Out Guide” to look up cinnamon rolls. Not pretty, and it would have to replace a whole meal. Not a good choice for me, but while I was in there I decided to have a look around. After looking thru it from back to front, this is what I learned:

1) It’s no wonder I’m over weight. The stuff I like to eat at most of these food places, they don’t even put in the book because it’s so bad!

2) If I want to go out to dinner, don’t. The only stuff on the menu without a lot of points are the condiments.

3) I will probably never go out for Mexican food again without feeling guilty unless I only order ‘pintos & cheese’. LOL.

4) If I’m going to have Coldstone Ice Cream, have it instead of a meal,  where I would be using those points anyway.

5) As they come out with the new “Dining Out Guides” don’t throw your old ones away. While they add new restaurants, sometimes they take out old ones.

and last but not least,

6) I’m glad a lot of these restaurants aren’t close to where I live!

Now, obviously some of this is a slight exaggeration, but “in every jest is a barb of truth”. It does do something for your awareness to walk thru that little book every once in awhile and I keep mine very handy. Luckily I don’t get in the mood to eat out very often, (if I’m going out I usually drink my points) and I can make a lower calorie-lower fat version at home. As for my cinnamon roll, I think I’ll probably just have a couple pieces of toast with cinnamon and sugar on my 1pt bread.

Thanksgiving’s Over, Or Is It?

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving filled with food, friends and family! I myself had a wonderful day! As usual, I was not ready on time still cleaning & setting the table right up to the time to take the turkey out of the oven. Once again, if it wasn’t for my absolutely wonderful boyfriend (whose an absolute great cook), I could have never pulled it off. He has also been retrained to cook lowfat and doesn’t seem to mind at all. Maybe that’s because before we got together his favorite saying was “there ain’t no fat chicks sleeping in my bed”. LOL. How disgusting! Maybe I just persued him to shut him up! Sorry. Got off track there for a minute. My point was, it’s to his advantage to cook lower fat and healthier if he doesn’t want me to gain more than I have.

I did good with my eating on Thanksgiving. My daughter made the pies with my lowfat changes, (any body have an idea on how to substitute the sugar? They used to have ‘sugartwin’ that was supposed to be used like real sugar, but I remember the couple of times I tried it, it was really sweet) they came out terrific! I only ate a spoonful of each thing, made fresh asparagus instead of greenbean casserole, and instead of “candied” yams, I just added brown sugar and cinnamon. I was still plenty full and was happy with a tablespoon vs. a cup or half cup of everything.

To me, the real test comes the day after Thanksgiving with the leftovers. While before the big day, I was glad to be having Thanksgiving dinner at our house so I could control the ingredients. After Thanksgiving the leftovers pose a constant threat. Even tho I gave food for company to take home, it was not enough! How much willpower can 1 fat girl have anyway? I made Turkey soup for dinner last nite, and that helps a little. I actually took the time to make an actual stock and everything this time. Pointswise it comes out at 2 for a cup, if that, and was so nice and warm as the nites are getting cooler.

So, while I wait to weigh in, I am still working on making it a “down” Thanksgiving instead of “up”. On this side of the Turkey day, I am thinking that it might have been nice to go somewhere else for Thanksgiving so there weren’t still 2 pies and a dutch oven full of stuffing sitting in my fridge!