It’s Just Amazing…

what you find out when you really start paying attention. I have had a thing for sourdough bread lately and thought it was a terriffic idea as it was low on the glycemic index. I get up really, really early so I was enjoying a couple of pieces with my morning coffee. Determined as I am to get back on track and into journaling, I used my pointsfinder slide to figure the points for my little morning snack. (2 pieces of toast, I can’t really call it breakfast.) Come to find out these 2 pieces of toast were taking up 6 of my points! Now, as I was eating them I gave a haphazard thought to 2, maybe even 3 points, since they are longer than normal bread slices, BUT THINNER, but I am not willing to give up 6 whole points for so little! As of today I am ‘sourdough’ free, which just goes to prove once again why measuring and journaling is so important. My mind has a way of justifying just about anything, which is why I am as heavy as I am. I must keep using what works if I am going to make my goal!


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