No More Vacations For Awhile!

I haven’t been anywhere in years due to my brick and morter business I use to own. Now this month it seems like I’m gone all of the time!

Let me tell you, certain vacations are just very hard to behave yourself on, especially when you haven’t been anywhere in a very long time!LOL.  Last weekend I went to Palm Springs for my Great Nephew’s 1st birthday Party with my 2 daughters. We got into Indio the nite before very tired from the long drive and quite late. What’s the first thing to do? Call for Pizza delivery of course. I was good about limiting myself to 1 piece, but 1 large piece.  Had cake at the birthday party (small) and luckily my neice had lots of fruits and vegetables, so that part was pretty easy.

After the party, we headed for Disneyland. I have been taking my kids there since they were very little, and there are some things you get to eat in Disneyland you just don’t get anywhere else, such as all their candy made right there on the premises, etc. Let me just say I feel very grateful that 1) since I’ve gotten older, their candy is way to sweet for me 2) I came home only 2lbs. heavier than when I left 3) the trip got me started on my exercise. My girls walk all over Disneyland and California Adventure for 3 days. They have no plan, so they walk parts of it many times. When I got home, I figured if I could walk all that with them, there was no excuse for me not to continue walking. So while I am really no closer to my goal than I was a week ago, adding the exercise and being happy to be away from fast food after a week of it, should make it easier from here on out!


2 Responses

  1. Hey glad to see you back. Had me a little worried there. Thought I lost my bloging partner. I think walking is a grat form of exercise and not real stressfull on the joints. Sometimes I find I have to ice my hip when I jog. Yuck, so for that reason I find I walk alot more.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I don’t have to worry about jogging. Too fat. I hear it’s deadly on the knees. lol. Also smoke too much, but am working on that. Just found out about a new drug they’re having great success with. Drug me, drug me. lol.

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