Winter Fat and Summer Fat…

It’s starting to get chilly at nite again and it seems the older I get the more clothes I put on to keep warm, which is exactly what I was thinking about when I weighed myself this morning. I watched the scale climb a couple of pounds and started to walk away in disgust. Then being the years aged experienced dieter that I am, I realized that I am wearing more and heavier clothing these days than I was when it was already 70 degrees at 7 am. So, I began to strip. I never weigh with my shoes on so that was not an option. First came off my fleece jacket I was wearing. That was good for 3lbs. Then came off the long sleeve fleece top I was wearing. That was good for another 2. I have on light flannel bottoms, so I figure they’re within a lb. of a pair of shorts. All of a sudden life didn’t look so bad! I know of people when I used to go to Weight Watchers meetings (which I still need to get going again) that always wore the same thing to weigh in. That way they got the real weight gain or loss regardless of the change of seasons and the change of clothes. I personally would freeze to death, so I have not chozen that particular avenue. This time of year also, again, is where a tape measure comes in handy. It’s very easy to get discouraged and grab for comfort foods as the cold weather blows in and we feel the need to snuggle and stay warm.


2 Responses

  1. I remember those people also. I was a little mental also when it was WI time. Mine was on a Saturday and I would always try to find some thing “light” in my closet.

  2. Okay ld, where are you?

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