I’ve Actually Been Doing ok…

Since coming back from my daughter’s I’ve been doing ok (not great, but ok). My words to her haunt me now, and I find myself making better choices. I’m actually looking at the easier way out and telling myself it can be just as easy to eat properly with all the gadgets I have. So I made homemade chili with 96% fat free ground beef when it was raining. Other than that there’s no fat at all.  I made cornbread, but when I bake I melt a little Shedd Spread instead of using oil, and eggbeaters instead of eggs, which cuts out a lot of fat and calories.  These two tips helped a lot when I decided to make brownies this morning instead of going to the donut shop. I told you I was making better choices! LOL.


One Response

  1. Hey – Looks like you’ve been very good at keeping on track. I’m back again and hopefully my heart is in it too. I’ll be checking up on you!


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