Back From Paso…

Got back from visiting my daughter in Paso Robles yesterday. She too wants to travel the “Weight Loss Trail”.  My other daughter and I went down to equipt her with some of the tools for the journey. It’s probably a little harder for her to eat properly as she does not cook and did not know how to use any kitchen appliances. The cooking appliances I consider to be the easiest to use for a single and busy lifestyle are: an indoor grill (like a George Foreman, altho I hated the one we got her and I took it back), a small rice cooker, a crockpot, and now that I think about it, probably a chopper. I got her a “magic bullet for XMAS last year. She should be able to chop with that. I taught her how to use it to make great chicken salad and now she’s very anxious to try the Fat Free Hummus recipe, etc. Weight Watchers has a beautiful new cookbook out, binder style, that looks like it’s latest and greatest combination of recipes, which even at Walmart was $25.00. Today is her first day back to work after her little vacation, so I told her what to fill the crockpot with and she should have a very nice dinner waiting for her tonite when she gets home. She works in a restaurant during the day, so her plan is to eat veggies and healthier food items while she’s there.

Helping her helped to re-motivate me. Working with those items reminded me there really are no more excuses. Between being able to buy veggies frozen, already done for me except to decide how I want to use them, and the ease of cooking if you have the right equipment, I really don’t have a good reason for not eating right. It’s amazing what showing someone else how to do this will do for giving you a fresh prospective. Maybe I’ll be around to see my Grandchildren if I just quit thinking I’m immortal! LOL


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