Falling Down On the Job

I’ve been ‘missing in action’ for a couple of days (4 to be exact, altho it didn’t feel like that long). I’ve been cleaning mountains of paperwork, paying bills, etc., etc. I have been doing pretty good, even tho I’m only 4 pounds down from my highest point. Yesterday the weather was kind of yucky here, and I wanted something good and warm to eat. Of course nothing in my house looked appealing. My first thought ran to this 4lb. combination burrito from this fast food place around the corner from me. I made myself stop, think about the fact that 1 burrito has my whole days points (25) plus some, and went to the chinese restaurant instead.  I ordered prawns and veggies, (4), and hot and sour soup (2) Instead of 25 pts. I only used 6, felt better energy-wise and was quite pleased with myself! I was fully satisfied, plus all the veggies and the soup are healthy enough to help me fight the cold my boyfriend is trying to give me. I know all the salt isn’t good, but if I drink the water I should, it shouldn’t be as bad as it could be.

This weekend I will be going back to basics. My oldest daughter has decided she’s out of control and asked me to come down and help get her on track. (She lives in Central California). I’m taking a crockpot, buying a grill (sort of like George Foreman) and going to help her set her kitchen up. We’ll go shopping for the proper food for her to have on hand and I’ll be teaching her how to use the appliances. If you ever saw my daughter in the kitchen it’s kinda like watching the old Lucy and Ethel on TV. How we got thru her living at home without burning the kitchen down, I’ll never know! LOL.

She’s usually exauhsted when she gets off work, (and of all places, she works in a restaurant) so she has a tendancy to grab fast food on the way home. I’m hoping to teach her in just a couple of days how good good food can be in a crockpot, etc. At the same time it’ll reinforce in me the things I should be paying attention to. You know, originally when I lost weight the first time, I had planned on going to work for WW so that I would watch what I eat forever. Too bad I didn’t do it!LOL.


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