Yesterday Was An ‘Eat It’ Kind of Day

I really wasn’t doing too bad. 98% Fat Free Clam Chowder for lunch, fruit for snacking, etc. etc., until it was time for dinner. Thus the advantage to menu planning. I had no idea what to do for dinner and really didn’t feel like cooking. Next thing I know I am in the front of the line at Boston Market. (Just like magic. LOL). Even tho I could have easily gone to the store and made meatloaf myself, controling the ingredients, this is what I chose. I really was even making right choices there, until I saw the piece of Pumpkin Pie. I know better. I never like store bought pumpkin as well as my own, and this was no exception. It was so sweet, you couldn’t hardly taste the pumkin. I know they use all the most fattening ingredients, and it was the first thing I went for when I got home. Even tho I didn’t really care for it, I ate it. So now we have another question for the “reasons” for the choices we make. Since I really didn’t care for it, why not throw it out instead of eating the rest of the piece that I cut? As I figure that one out, I’ll learn to only eat the food that actually gives me pleasure and satisfaction, and if the food in my hand doesn’t do that, the world won’t come to an end if I dump it!


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