I’m Doing It!

That recipe on AlliezAlley for Frittada looked so good and I had left over Fettuccini from last nite, so tonite I’m doin’ it! I used Naturally Yours fat free sour cream, eggbeaters for the egg, and then had the Feta Cheese on hand, so I used that. Now that it’s in the oven, I’m all excited to see how it comes out! Thank you Allie for the 2 recipes. In the middle of this I had to go to the store for more sour cream so I picked up some goat cheese while I was there. I’m not very familiar with either of these cheeses, so I decided to give it a try. (My middle daughter is the experimental eater in this house. She likes  some stuff I am just hearing about). I’ll let everyone know later how my slimmed down version was. I make quiche with fat free Land o’ Lakes half and half and egg beaters and it always comes out real well, so I have high hopes for this. Could not quite get over the fact that there’s no meat, so I got a rotisserie chicken just in case.  The men in here are the typical ‘meat and potatoes’ kinda guys. LOL


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