Journal, Journal, Journal…

It is absolutely amazing to me how fast 2pts. here, 3pts. there, add up when you’re writing them down! (or 100 calorie packs, or carbs, whatever you’re counting). It sure is a lot faster than when I am keeping count in my head. LOL. That’s probably why I quit for awhile, then quit losing or possibly gain, and why I always go back. The other day I started journaling again, everything that goes into my mouth. All of a sudden I had drawn on 12 extra points! Yesterday I did the same, but actually thought about what I was doing, do I really want that? Am I really hungry? Points-wise I did much better and got better results on the scale. So now I must ponder, ‘if I know something works, why don’t I stick with it?’ ‘Why, to a certain extent, am I self-destructive?’ Which I guess if I find the answers to those questions, I could probably figure out the underlying reason as to why I put all the weight I had lost, back on so quick. Isn’t overeating just a symptom of something else? Whether it be a control issue, frustration, stress, or something else (if not a legitamate physical issue, e.g. having a baby, etc.) instead of just dealing with the symptom, wouldn’t it be great to irradicate the disease? We’d all be skinny for life! LOL. Of course, I guess that’s probably why they call it a lifestyle change vs. a diet. Even then, does it really deal with the true issues and underlying causes? I think I’ll work on that a little today.


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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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