Bad, Bad Chicken…

I am a freak for KFC, especially when I have been busy all day and don’t want to stop to cook because I want to keep working. That’s how yesterday was. While I was waiting for them to process my order, I found myself in front of the nutritional board hanging on the wall. It’s sure a lot easier to ignore the fat, er I mean facts, when you don’t have them staring you right in the face! All of a sudden a healthy chicken breast, that is a healthy person’s staple, took on a life of it’s own and grew to 450 calories! I never knew what really good tasting skin could do! I also couldn’t imagine that eating coleslaw was worse than eating mac and cheese. So I left there with my bags in hand, came home and had a salad and a piece of chicken with all skin removed.  I now am thinking about going to each website and downloading the nutritional info for each fast food place I like and carrying the info with me. I know WW has the dining out companion where they tell you how many points, but something about reading Red’s blog telling me all about the Big Mac and seeing that 450 calories for a piece of chicken makes it all hit home a little harder!


One Response

  1. I love KFC and just watching the commericals makes me want to have it for dinner. I knew the chicken skin(best part) was bad but, I would have never guessed the mac & cheese would be better option than the coleslaw. Learn something new everyday.

    Good for you staying away from the skin!

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