I Love Sales…

One of my biggest downfalls is that I will be busy, all of a sudden realize I am starving, and grab the easiest thing I can to put in my mouth. I think I’ve discovered a fix. There have been a lot of sales around me on Weight Watchers meals and desserts. (The Railey’s-Nob Hill close by really caters to WW. I think that’s because there’s such a large meeting place in the neighborhood). So the other day I went and stocked up on both. Now, when grocery stores make me walk thru the bakery when I come in the door, I know I have yummy stuff at home that I have some control over. Stocking up on the meals hopefully will put something healthy in my mouth when I’m starving (for lunch, etc). I also stocked up on more fruit, so hopefully I grab an apple or a piece of cantaloupe to tide me over while the micro does its magic. LOL.

The “bad” habit I need to take care of is adding my evening wine into the point count. It’s only 2pts. a glass and I don’t really drink that many (unless my daughter and I end up talking in the kitchen for hours as we sometimes do), but I have a tendancy to ignore those points as if they don’t exist. Obviously they do, just as if I was counting calories or anything else (no carbs), which accounts for the weight coming off rather slower than normal. Sooo, I will from this day forward, be stricter on my journaling and start counting those points also. (God forbid I quit drinking! LOL).


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