I Really Need To Rethink Dinner Time

I don’t care what you eat, if you’re not eating until 10 or 11 o’clock at nite, the weight is  going to be slow coming off. I cook dinner before then, but everyone in this house eats at different times due to different schedules. We don’t actually sit around the kitchen table and have a family dinner. I find for myself, I am either easily sidetracked, or I don’t want to eat because I have things to do and won’t do them if I eat first. (I’m lazy already. Fill me with food, and I’m done!) LOL. Also, if I eat early, I fall asleep early, (TV or reading) puts me out quick. I only sleep for a max of 6 hrs. a nite, so then I’m up way to early. (Not enough sleep= more weight, also). So, my current project is figuring out how to break the cycle so I eat at a decent time (I really believe in not eating after 7 or so at nite, I just don’t practice it) and still have a life afterward. I don’t eat that heavy, maybe a walk at nite? As the weather starts to cool, it would probably wake me up for sure.


2 Responses

  1. I know when we actually get dinner in at a decent time we head out as a family for a bike ride or basketball in the driveway. Unfortuately this season only gets colder for us which means a stop at the gym instead.

    I think a walk or some exercise would be great for you after dinner. You’ll work in some AP and relax, clear your head before bedtime.

  2. The walk after supper is a great idea! I have just discovered meal planning. Basically, you pick a day and plan out your meals for the next week. I think this is going to help me TONS b/c sometimes i end up coming home and have no clue what to fix for supper and then i doddle or lay down or whatever and the next thing i know, it is late so we end up eating something we probably would not have eaten had i planned ahead. Also, we eat way later than we would if i had a plan. So that might help you too!

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