I Didn’t Make It Yesterday…

But I will today. Still didn’t pick up the new scale. I forget about it once I’m up and about. It just drives me crazy in the morning when I would normally go in and weigh myself.

I did pretty well yesterday, actually better than I thought. I’ll tell you, I seem to live out of my Dining In and Dining Out Companions these days.  I had 1 piece of artichoke quiche (8pts) mostly artichokes, and I made spaghetti for dinner. The nice thing about eating at home is I have control over what goes into what I eat. I use the leanest ground beef or ground turkey when I cook vs. the fatty ground meats they use if you eat out. I stick to the measurements and points, but I know I actually am eating slightly less because I use higher quality ingredients. Now my body just needs to learn the difference! =)


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