I’m Feeling Better…

but I really need to get a new scale today. I know they say ‘you can’t live by the scale’, but I want to see what I feel! Since I have been eating more healthfully, I don’t feel so bloated and out of sorts.  I know the scale can actually be disappointing when you feel like you’ve lost, only to find out the needle doesn’t move at all! That’s why I have a plan ‘B’.

I know my stomach has gone down, because I can feel it in my clothes and see it when I look at my (cover your eyes now) naked body. That’s where measuring comes in. It’s amazing how many inches can add up overall when you get a half inch off here, a half inch off there, etc.  I’ll take motivation where ever I can get it! LOL.

So for today, I will eat the right things, try still to incorporate a little more movement (exercise) into my daily routine, and feel healthier tomorrow. One thing that has helped me to stay on track, is making my kitchen WW Friendly. At least now when I want dessert or a snack, there’s some things in the house that aren’t going to blow me up!


3 Responses

  1. I love the feeling of baggy clothes once you start to lose weight.

  2. Definitely WW your kitchen helps. I’ve tried that but I find myself sneaking into the kids “cupboard” one too many times.

  3. There is nothing better than feeling your bloated belly start to go down. I have lost weight this year and find that even though the scale does not move, which i hate by the way 😉 , My clothes fit better, my belly isnt bloated and i love that feeling. good job!

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